About the M-news

M-news is a electronic newsletter of the M-team. Via a short newsflash, we try to provide farmers, vets and other dairy advisors with interesting and objective information on an aspect related to mastitis and milk quality.



NovemberWhy the treatment of clinical mastitis fails (2)
SeptemberWhy the treatment of clinical mastitis fails (1)
MayHow to avoid antibiotic residus in the milk (1)
FebruaryMastitis research in practice


NovemberClean udders, less mastitis!
SeptemberBack to basics... (2)
MayBack to basics... (1)
MarchClean teat ends, less mastitis!


NovemberMastitis research in practice
SeptemberThe dry period - a threat for udder health (2)
MayThe dry period - opportunities for udder health (1)
MarchSolving high bulk milk somatic cell count problems on a dairy farm... Oh yes we can!


NovemberThe benefits of a lowered bulk milk somatic cell count...(3)
SeptemberClinical mastitis on Flemish dairy farms
MayThe benefits of a lowered bulk milk somatic cell count...(2)
MarchThe benefits of a lowered bulk milk somatic cell count...
JanuaryThe word "mastitis" makes the Flemish dairy farmer think of ...


DecemberBest wishes!
JanuariBIO mastitisverwekker: Coagulase-Negatieve Stafylokokken (CNS) "Staphylococcus Spp."
NovemberPostmilking teat disinfection during winter implies more than just killing the mastitis bugs
SeptemberHeifer mastitis: 10 points for optimal heifer udder health!
JuneStaphylococcus aureus: only treat subclinically infected cows likely to cure


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